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Temporary Employment as a Win-Win Solution for Employers and Candidates

13 April 2023

Employer talking to candidate about their CV

For many employers in the trade industry, temporary employment is a boon for business.

Trade roles are rarely the 9-5, Monday to Friday typical with many office jobs. Whilst this may seem unorthodox to those unaware, there are actually several reasons why temporary employment in the skilled trade industry is beneficial for employers.

In this blog post, we’ll explore why skilled trades offer temporary employment and why this is beneficial, including:

Why Temporary Employment is a Popular Option for Employers


A main reason why temporary employment is beneficial for employers is employment flexibility. For example, construction companies may need additional carpenters or heavy equipment operators to meet the demands of a large project, and temporary employment allows them to hire skilled workers for the duration of the project without the long-term commitment of permanent employment.

Similarly, temporary employment can help employers to maintain flexibility with fluctuating demand. For example, HVAC companies may experience increased demand during the summer months but reduced demand during the winter months. Temporary employment allows them to adjust their staffing levels as needed to meet changes in demand.


Temporary employment can help employers manage the costs associated with recruitment and employee benefits because temporary workers do not require the same level of training or benefits as permanent employees, saving employers money in the long run.

Good vetting opportunity

Temporary employment allows employers to evaluate potential candidates before committing to a permanent position. In the skilled trades industry, practical skills and experience are often more important than qualifications. By hiring temporary workers, employers can assess their performance and suitability for the role before offering a permanent contract with more confidence than they might have before they took them on temporarily.

Disadvantages of Temporary Employment for Employers

There are also some disadvantages to consider when hiring temporary workers. Firstly, there can be a lack of continuity with temporary workers, as they are not permanent members of staff. This can result in a loss of knowledge and expertise if temporary workers are not properly onboarded and trained.

Secondly, temporary workers may not feel as invested in the success of the company as permanent employees, which can affect their level of commitment and performance.

Additionally, employers may face challenges in managing temporary workers’ schedules and ensuring that they are meeting the same standards as permanent employees.

Exceptional Temporary Employment Opportunities with Workforce

Temporary employment is an attractive option for employers in the skilled trades industry who need to manage short-term staffing needs, evaluate potential candidates, and maintain flexibility in their staffing levels. While there are some disadvantages to consider, the benefits of temporary employment can help employers save time and money while ensuring that they have the skilled workers they need to get the job done.

But that doesn’t always mean good temporary workers are easy to find.

As a leading staffing agency in the skilled trades industry, Workforce has over 25 years of experience in providing exceptional temporary employment services. We understand the challenges that employers face in finding the right staff to meet their short-term needs. That’s why we offer flexible and cost-effective temporary employment solutions that help employers fill their staffing gaps quickly and efficiently.