Permanent Staffing

Direct Placement

If you are looking to hire a full time, permanent employee, let WORKFORCE reduce your recruiting costs by finding the right person for the job.

A WORKFORCE advisor will have had numerous conversations with an applicant, reviewing trade experience, skills, certificates & other applicable qualifications. We will check references, from previous employers, colleagues or supervisors as required. These conversations also lead to a specific sense of what an individual is looking for in terms of the ideal work environment, location and anticipated workload.

We also learn as much relevant information about your company as we can – through the request form, phone conversations, meetings, or simple past history – to gain insight into your structure, culture, and employee expectations.

With this gathered information, we are able to provide a good match for the worker to your company.

Temporary to Hire

Hiring a temporary tradesperson with the purpose to hire full time, is one of the very best ways to evaluate a potential hire’s skills, productivity and personality fit, ensuring an appropriate long-term match with your team and culture.

WORKFORCE encourages our recruits to embrace this option, as it has equal benefits for them, as far as long term fit, work environment and culture, as it does for the employer. We have an extensive track record of workers that have obtained full time employment by exceeding the client’s expectations and getting hired on permanently.

Temporary Staffing

Short Term Skilled Positions

Hiring skilled temporary staff is an efficient way to help meet short term needs, ‘filling in’ for unavailable full time staff, meeting seasonal or project cycle variances, or unexpected personnel shortages. These positions often have no full-time hire option, so we ensure that this fits with a candidate’s profile.

WORKFORCE represents a number of skilled and qualified tradespeople who are happy in a short term role. They possess the confidence and skill to parachute into a particular job situation, ‘blending-in’ and being productive right away. It is a special skill set and WORKFORCE advisors are always on the lookout for these valuable types of role filling workers.

Temporary staff are able to start on short notice and work with the employers time constraints.

Unskilled Positions

Many industries require unskilled labour for daily, seasonal and other short term or project-based personnel requirements. WORKFORCE taps into a large group actively seeking this type of work–university and college students, workers between full time positions, or those who simply prefer temporary positions.

WORKFORCE recruits are briefed in the importance of bringing a good attitude, solid work ethic and professionalism to all job assignments. We work with the employers and encourage feedback from WORKFORCE postings in order to maintain the industry’s highest standards for temporary staffing.