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Hoping to employ a reliable and hardworking tradesman, supervisor, or manager? We’ll find the perfect person for your business.

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    We currently only provide temporary staff in British Columbia and Alberta.

    For permanent staff please email us

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    Direct placement staffing

    We keep things simple for companies searching for employees in Canada and the United States, taking care of the entire recruitment process so that you don’t have to:

    • We have multiple conversations with all applicants.
    • We are experts in reviewing trade experience, skills, certifications, and qualifications.
    • We check references from previous employers, colleagues, or supervisors.
    • We gain a refined understanding of what the applicant is looking for and whether they are suitable for your opening.
    • We gain a refined understanding of your company through our request form, phone conversations, and meetings.
    • We provide the perfect match for your company based on your structure, culture, and employee expectations.

    Looking to hire permanently and ensure a long-term match? When you hire directly through us, we will assess potential employees for their skills and personality to guarantee a perfect candidate for your job opening.

    Temporary hiring

    Looking to hire temporarily with the intention of making the position full-time? Temp hiring is a great way to scope out employees without commitment. Make sure you are evaluating a potential hire’s skills, productivity levels, and personality in order to ensure a long-term match.

    If you need workers for short-term needs, we recruit reliable and hardworking staff to work on a temporary basis.

    Short term skilled positions

    We represent skilled and qualified tradespeople who are looking for short-term positions in Western Canada. They are adaptable, able to blend into any job situation and hit the ground running. They can begin with little notice, as well as work within your time constraints. This is a skill-set our expert advisors are always looking for.

    Unskilled Positions

    Are you part of an industry that requires unskilled labour for seasonal or project based personnel requirements? We recruit those seeking unskilled temp work, for example university or college students, workers in between full-time work, or people who simply prefer the freedom that comes with temp work.

    Companies we work with

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    There are so many reasons why recruiting with WORKFORCE is the best option for your business. Our recruits are always briefed on the importance of bringing a positive attitude and solid work ethic to all job assignments, and are thoroughly scoped before we put them forward to you.

    We work directly with you, as an employer, to understand your needs. We take care of the recruitment process so you don’t have to – saving you time, resources and money.

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