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Mining, oil, and gas recruitment in Canada and the US

We provide reliable and supportive recruitment solutions that are perfect for both employers and tradesmen seeking work. If your mining or gas company is seeking trade employees on either a temporary or a permanent basis, or if you are a tradesman looking for work in the industry, we want to help.

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Mining, oil, and gas jobs

We have a job board that is constantly being updated, so make sure to keep checking it for new mining, oil, and gas job opportunities. Take a look at just some of the mining jobs we consistently recruit for below.

  • Millwrights
  • Heavy duty mechanics
  • Electricians
  • Engineers
  • Plant managers
  • Superintendants
  • Maintenance management
  • Production managers
  • Human resources
  • Safety officers
  • Drillers
  • Control room managers
  • Team supervisors
  • Instrumentation control technician

Staffing Solutions for the Mining, Oil & Gas Industries


If you are a mining, oil, or gas company based in Canada or the US looking to expand your team, our experts are able to find the perfect employee for you on a permanent or temporary basis. We take the time to properly get to know your specific needs, your structure, and your culture. This way, we’ll secure the ideal employee for you.

Job Seekers:

We are the only option if you are seeking trade mining, oil, or gas jobs in Canada or the US. One of our expert advisors will get to know you by talking through your qualifications, certifications, and aspirations. We always aim to place you in the mining, oil, or gas position that suits you best.

Temporary mining, oil, and gas jobs:


If you are looking for a mining, oil, and gas trade worker to fulfil your short-term needs, or if you are looking to hire on a short-term basis in the hope of prolonging the contract in the future, we have a vast range of applicants seeking temp mining, oil, and gas positions in Western Canada.

All of our applicants are reviewed thoroughly, which includes a review of their mining, oil, or gas experience, skills, certifications, and qualifications. We always check their references so with us, you can streamline your recruitment process without ever sacrificing on the quality of your employees.

Job seekers:

If you are seeking short-term mining, oil, or gas jobs in Western Canada, we want to help. We have a long history of placing people in the jobs that suit them best. Enjoy more flexibility, daily pay, no long-term commitment, and the freedom you need to work out exactly what you want from your work in mining, oil, or gas.