Staffing Solutions For The Trades

WORKFORCE is a recruitment agency that specializes in the trades. Full stop. It is no accident our corporate colour is blue.

Most, if not all, of our advisors have backgrounds in the various industries represented. We all speak knowledgeably in addressing your questions, and any advice that we give you comes from that first-hand experience.

At WORKFORCE we believe it is important to establish relationships, with both individual job seekers, and also the companies that are looking to hire them. Sure, we have a few forms that are required to be filled out, but that is just a part of the story. We encourage any questions you may have be discussed over the phone, or better still, in person at one of our 6 local offices.

We at WORKFORCE are all dedicated to ensuring the best match for employees and employers alike.

FOR EMPLOYERS | Permanent Staffing

WORKFORCE provides direct placement services for clients across Canada and the United States, focusing on skilled trades and directly related positions. We represent a skilled and motivated talent pool assembled from the Construction, Transportation, Resource, Manufacturing and Warehousing industries. We know our candidates, and their qualifications well. We thoroughly brief all prospects on any unique requirements to a placement, ensuring the best match possible between employee and employer.

A large percentage of our clients are long term repeat customers. They know they can trust WORKFORCE to ask the right questions, understand their industry and its unique requirements, and offer some of the best qualified personnel for each position offered.

FOR EMPLOYERS | Temporary Staffing

WORKFORCE has also built up a substantial temporary staffing division of the company, supplying reliable and quick turn-around staffing solutions for day-labour Construction, Flag Crews, Carpenters, Construction Safety Officers, First Aid Officers and numerous other trades. See them all here.


WORKFORCE represents your best opportunity for finding the job you want and that suits you, with a company that has requirements you are uniquely qualified for. We have many long term relationships across the trades, built over years of placing quality skilled tradespeople with those companies.

In getting to know about you, your history and skills, we can work much more effectively toward getting that sought after position with a great employer.

If you are currently looking, check out the jobs board. Better yet, pick up the phone and connect with a WORKFORCE advisor at the office closest to you.