Full Time & Temporary to Hire

At WORKFORCE our goal is always to provide our job recruits with the best quality representation possible to the companies looking for skilled, motivated and professional tradespeople like you.

We encourage all job seekers to consult with a WORKFORCE advisor to discuss your trade, qualifications, experience and availability; and also so that we can understand what you ideally want from your next employment opportunity. Committing to this quick & essential part of the process results in a better and faster job placement for you.

Best of all, there is no charge to you.

It’s also easy, since WORKFORCE advisors are all trades savvy – we specialize in recruiting employees exclusively for the trades, so we can speak with expertise to any questions or concerns you throw at us. And since we also have long term relationships with many of the companies requesting personnel, you can gain some insight into a potential employer right away.

You can fill out a registration form here. Check out the job board and hot jobs list here on WORKFORCE. Better yet, call or stop by the WORKFORCE office nearest you and talk with a WORKFORCE advisor. If you are not near one of our offices don’t worry, we work with Candidates and Companies across Canada and the United States, just give our Permanent Staffing division a call at 1-855-909-9675


Short Term & Day Labour

WORKFORCE has built up a solid reputation for supplying unskilled personnel for daily, seasonal and other short term or project-based personnel requirements. If you are a university or college student seeking temporary summer employment, or a worker between scheduled projects, or just simply prefer temporary postings, we encourage you to register with the WORKFORCE Temporary Staffing division.

WORKFORCE recruits are required to bring a good attitude, solid work ethic and professionalism to all job assignments, which keeps you in good standing and highly sought after for repeat and future job postings.

Register here or call your nearest WORKFORCE office.